Why the Chimes Rang

Story in Worship Why the Chimes Rang

“Why the Chimes Rang”
original text by
Raymond MacDonald Alden,
Adapted by Kristin Maier

available in A Good Telling: Bringing Worship to Life with Story;  ebook available

A Good Telling Bringing Worship to Life with Story by Kristin Maier
The angelic chimes in the giant bell tower would ring each Christmas Eve when the best gift to the Holy Child was laid upon the Altar.  The chimes had been silent for years, though, as everyone tried to out give everyone else.

Pedro and his sister Luisa heard of the beautiful Christmas Eve service and are determined to make the trip to see it for themseleves.  When they stumble upon upon  a woman in the snow, Pedro insists that Luisa go on without him to offer their one copper piece to the Holy Child. What will happen when that one modest gift is placed upon the altar?  Will the chimes finally ring once again?

Raymond MacDonald Alden’s classic tale, “Why the Chimes Rang,” has been adapted for the contemporary ear.  It is a lovely variation on the theme of genuine giving and the true spirit of Christmas.  A little sister, Luisa, has been brought in to offer some gender balance, still a rare thing in 2014, even rarer back in 1910 when the original was published.  This story will bring warm memories to your older listeners and will be brand new to your younger ones.

Note:  Raymond MacDonald Alden’s original story, “Why the Chimes Rang,”  is now in the public domain and is widely available online.  The adaptation by Kristin Maier is available through her book, A Good Telling: Bringing Worship to Life with Story, including an immediately available ebook via Google Play or Amazon.

Themes: Generosity, Genuine Giving, Christmas, True Meaning, Helping Others, Sacrifice, Good Samaritan, Charity, Compassion

Motifs: Christmas, Holy Child, Jesus, Chimes, Organ, Music, Money, Penny, Copper, Gift, Wind, King, Altar, Angel, Tower, Heart, Winter, Snow

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